Fall Prevention

Rachelle Dyson, owner/social worker is the Representative at Large for S.A.F.E. (Senior Awareness & Fall Education) Central Valley Coalition. She places great emphasis in educating and training the Wellbeing Senior Solution staff on fall prevention.

At Wellbeing Senior Solutions our Licensed Nurse regularly conducts fall prevention and home safety checks, which include:

  • Review of the client’s medical history and medications
  • Assessment of gait and balance
  • Recommendations of resources to obtain home safety devices such as handrails and shower chairs
  • Suggestions to remove hazards and improve safety in each room of the home

Our caregivers are also trained to safeguard your loved one from the risks of falling. This helps build confidence so that he or she can maintain a healthy and independent lifestyle at home. From moving items to prevent tripping to providing assistance getting in or out of a chair or transferring to and from bed, our caregivers are vigilant about protecting your loved one.

We care.

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