Our mission is as simple as it is essential…

We provide the support and care to help you live life, on your own terms, safely and independently in the comfort of your own home for as long as possible.

The Well-Being Story

Well-Being Senior Solutions was born of personal experience. For over a decade Rachelle Dyson, owner/social worker, has worked closely with seniors in the healthcare industry. Rachelle received her bachelors of Science in social work and is currently finishing her master’s degree in family therapy with an emphasis on geriatrics. She is presently the Representative at Large for S.A.F.E. (Senior Awareness & Fall Education) Central Valley Coalition.

When Rachelle and her family were confronted with providing and assisting with the care of their elderly relatives, their experiences were frustrating and emotionally draining. Rachelle took this personal experience with the home healthcare industry and transformed it into a positive resource for others. Well-Being Senior Solutions was thus established both to fill a much-needed service niche, but also to make a meaningful social contribution focusing on compassion, professionalism, and true caring.
Why Choose Well-Being?

Our purpose is to create relationships based on trust, starting with the recognition that entrusting us with a loved one’s care is the highest demonstration of confidence a client can extend. With this in mind, we have studied our industry carefully, and have drawn some conclusions that benefit you and your loved ones.

Our people are our greatest assets. We know that to attract top employees, we need to reward and recognize them for their exceptional skills. We are dedicated to hiring the most compassionate and experienced people available. We treat them with the respect and dignity they deserve. We pay at the upper end of market scales, provide better benefits, and offer meaningful training and advancement opportunities. We invest upfront in an extensive battery of assessments, tests and checks on our applicants, from drug and health screenings, to criminal reference checks.

Well-Being Senior Solutions distinguishes itself by providing professional service throughout its operations. On the business side, we are owned and operated by executives with years of experience. On the caregiving side, we are led by experienced nurses, social workers and care staff. This unique blend of business expertise and professional care is where Well-Being Senior Solutions excels and truly distinguishes itself from all others. Our professionalism at every level is reflected in the unequaled service and expertise of those who we interact with and care for; your loved ones.

Placing the caregiver is just the beginning of our relationship. A Well-Being Senior Solutions Licensed Nurse will conduct regular wellness visits to check in with your loved one and our caregivers to make certain everything is working well and to ensure your plan of care is being optimized. In addition, we keep in touch with the primary caregiver regularly to make certain you’re informed and involved and reassured. When our relationship starts, we regard it as our ongoing privilege to help care for your loved one.

By employing workers directly, you are burdened with complying with a myriad of laws, regulations and reporting issues. At Well-Being Senior Solutions, we cover all of this for you. Our caregivers are our employees, so we carry the full burden and cost of providing statutory benefits (like workers compensation and unemployment insurance), insurance benefits (like professional liability and fidelity bonding), and tax withholding (like FICA and income taxes). We lift the burden of all the legal, employment-related concerns…so you don’t have to.

Well-Being Senior Solutions is the remedy to large, impersonal, national home healthcare companies and franchises. We recognize that home care is a very personal, customized service industry like no other – and that there is huge demand for service that is truly caring and localized. We focus on a market that we know intimately – in a place where we have community, business and family ties. This focus is an important factor in our delivery of unprecedented levels of customized, compassionate, local service.